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Holy See Issues Emended Missale Romanum, editio typica tertia

Since the year 2000, when Pope John Paul II issued the third typical edition of the Missale Romanum, nations throughout the world have been translating the text into the various vernacular languages. As the Holy See and various translators around the world worked on vernacular editions of the Roman Missal, a variety of minor errors were found in the Latin text which necessitated issuing a reprint. Therefore, on October 6, 2008, an emended edition of the Missale Romanum, editio typica tertia was published. The slight changes that have been made will be reflected in the final English translation of the Roman Missal.

This reprint corrects spelling, grammatical, and typographical errors, and other inaccuracies (such as the insertion at the beginning of the Apostles’ Creed of “unum,” as in the Nicene Creed). In some saints’ listings, the saint’s particular designation – such as martyr, religious, or virgin – was missing in the 2000 text. The emended Missale Romanum also includes three new dismissal formulas: Go and announce the Gospel of the Lord, Go in peace, glorifying the Lord by your life, and Go in peace. These formulas were incorporated into the approved Order of Mass English translation, and will take effect when the new Roman Missal is published.

By separate decree of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments (Prot. N. 652/08/L, published in Notitiæ vol. 44 (2008), pgs. 239-240), the Eucharistic Prayers for Masses with Children were removed from the Missale Romanum, and will appear in the future as a separate ritual text. In its space now appears a Supplement, containing Collects for the memorials of St. Pio of Pietrelcina (Sept. 23), St. Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin (Dec. 9), and Our Lady of Guadalupe (Dec. 12). Those three memorials were inserted into the General Roman Calendar after the initial 2000 publication.

The Supplement also provides the rubrics and prayers for celebrating an extended Vigil of Pentecost, similar to the way the readings are proclaimed at the Easter Vigil on Holy Saturday night. (An article on the extended Pentecost Vigil can be found on page 16 of this issue of the Newsletter.)

Two final emendations are of note. At the Chrism Mass, the rubric mandating the General Intercessions after the Renewal of Commitment to Priestly Service has been removed, returning the practice to what it was before the editio typica tertia was issued. Finally, a rubric in the General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GIRM) affecting Bishops celebrating Mass outside their own Dioceses has been altered. In an unofficial translation, the relevant part of Congregatie voor de Eredienst en de Sacramenten
Institutio Generalis Missalis Romani
Algemeen Statuut van het Romeins Missaal - Editio typica tertio 2002 / emendata 2008
(18 maart 2002)
now reads: “If, however, the Bishop is celebrating outside his own diocese, after the words N., our Pope, he adds: and my brother N., the Bishop of this Church, and me, your unworthy servant” (emphasis added). This change to the GIRM took effect last November, and should be incorporated by Bishops as soon as possible if they celebrate Mass outside their Diocese. The complete list of emendations to the Missale Romanum, editio typica tertia is published in Notitiæ, vol. 44 (2008), pgs. 367-387.

Publicatiedatum: 6 oktober 2008
Laatst bewerkt: 22 september 2015


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